Industrial Supplies & Chemicals Division
Tools, Components & Plumbing Supply
The products of this division of Okaya are, perhaps, less exciting than some of the high-tech materials. However, these have been the mainstay products of Okaya for more than three centuries; thus, the company has gained considerable expertise and accumulated a wide-ranging information network that lets it market these products to all kinds of users. Due to the large variety of products in many different sizes handled by Okaya, the maintenance of proper inventory procedures and a responsive distribution system is vital. To meet these requirements, Okaya has developed a completely integrated system of business operations and distribution capabilities.
Cutting Tools / Jigs & Fixtures / Other Precision Tools / Ball & Roller Bearings / CMC Automatic Controlled Tables/Working Tools/ Power Tools / Inspection &: Measuring Units / Hydraulic Units / Air Compressors / Material Handlings & Installations / Precision Machine Components / New & Engineering Ceramics / Standard & CNC Machineries / Ultrasonic Apparatus / Surface Treatment Equipment / Precision Dies / Industrial Robots / Reduction Gears / Incinerators / Components for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Pipe Fittings / Valves / Cocks / Flanges / Pumps / High Pressure Vessels / Sanitary Fixtures / High Tension Bolts & Nuts / Wall & Floor Materials / Air Conditioning Equipment / Vinyl Coated Steel Pipe / Special Alloy Pipe / Stainless Steel Pipe / Copper Tubes / Polyethylene Pipe