Non-Ferrous Metals & Minerals Division
Non-Ferrous Metals & Minerals
This division of Okaya handles large volumes of metals and minerals, including copper, zinc, tin and aluminum. In recent years, it has also come to market various new materials for use in electronics equipment. Among the many new materials and metals Okaya markets are lead frames, highly purified metals for use in semiconductors, highly purified oxides for single crystals, rare earth oxides for ceramics in the electronics field, rare earths, and other materials required as stabilizers in structural ceramics.

With the unit prices of non-ferrous metals reaching very high levels, recycling has assumed an ever-greater importance. Okaya takes a very positive approach to this, striving to maximize recovery of non-ferrous metals from scrap material. This part of Okaya covers a broad range of products and requires a high level of flexibility in its operations. New markets are developed through the most thorough understanding of and sensitive response to changes in the international situation and the overall balance of supply and demand.
Copper & Copper Alloy Products (Strips. Plates, Sheets, Foils, Bars, Wire, Tubing, Powders, Cables) / Aluminum Products (Strips, Plates, Sheets, Foils, Bars, Wire, Tubing, Extrusions, Sashes, Cables) / Ores, Ingots, Scrap (Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Aluminum, Precious Metals, Rare Metals, Rare Earth) / Lead Frame Materials / Clad Metals / Copper Clad Laminated Sheets / Heat Exchangers for Home Appliances / Heat Exchangers for Automobiles