Machinery Division
Okaya handles a great many varieties of industrial machinery and equipment, emphasizing the need to meet demands in this critical field -- both for primary and for manufacturing industries. Accurate information and careful attention to detail allow Okaya to give full play to its commercial capabilities in meeting the requirements of every industrial sector -- even those with the most advanced technological needs. Naturally, this division of Okaya is concerned with various types of machinery, including metal-working and industrial machines, plant equipment and components such as parts for casting/forging equipment and fine ceramics. In addition, however, Okaya is exploring the growing need for factory automation systems, including flexible manufacturing, robotics and CAD/CAM systems.
Machine Tools / Press & Metal Forming Machinery / CMC Machinery / Laser Equipment / Flexible Manufacturing Systems / Testing & Inspection Machines / CAD/CAM Systems / Equipment for Iron & Steel Productions / Industrial Furnace (Melting, Vacuum Heat Treatment Induction Heating, etc.) / Food Processing Machines / Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment/ Plating & Other Surface Treatment Plants / Clean Rooms / Printed Circuit Board Process Lines / Earth Moving Equipment / Material Handling Equipment / Environment Control Equipment / Photoprocessing Equipment / Engineering Ceramic Components / Precision Machine Parts & Components / Sintered Parts / Castings & Forgings / Precision Machine Components