Iron & Steel Overseas Division
Iron & Steel
Iron and steel products are, of course, the traditional foundation of Okaya. Japan is the world's third-largest producer of iron and steel, with advanced technology and equipment that has significantly influenced steel-making techniques throughout the world. Naturally, as an international marketing force in iron and steel, Okaya must meet the needs of a highly diversified clientele. Thus, its worldwide network of business operations is not simply content to accept standard marketing procedures, but strives to genuinely meet the specific needs of each and every customer. To accomplish this, Okaya has steadily expanded the scope of its business activity, to include the actual processing of iron and steel products.
Ingots / Billets / Slabs / Pig Iron / Semi-Finished Products / Rails / Sheet Piling / Wide Flanges / l-Beams / Structural Shapes / Light Gauges / Reinforcing Round & Deformed Bars / Bar in Coil / Round (Flat, Square) Bars / Wire Rods & Various Wire Products / Plates / Floor Plates / Pipe Piling / Cold Drawn & Processed Shafting Bars / Metal Forms / Corrugated Pipe/Hot Rolled Sheets/Cold Rolled Sheets/Galvanized Iron Sheets/Electrical Silicon Sheets/Tin Plates/SurfaceTreated Sheets/Hoops & Strips/Line Pipe /Gas & Water Pipe/Structural & Mechanical Tubes/Oil Country Tubular Goods / Square & Rectangular Tubes