Ferrous Raw Materials Division
Ferrous Ores, Coal, Minerals & Steel Scrap
Iron and steel play the leading role in so many industrial sectors, used extensively in construction, civil engineering, machinery, household electrical appliances, shipbuilding and, of course, the manufacturing of rolling stock and the automobile. This division of Okaya concerns itself with the raw materials needs of iron and steel production. Japanese producers depend heavily on overseas supplies of these vital materials, and this division of Okaya imports large quantities of iron ore from Australia, India, Brazil and elsewhere, along with coking coal from Australia, the United States, and Canada, for use in the integrated steel mills of Nippon Steel, Nippon Kokan and other makers. This division also imports large quantities of scrap from the U.S., Australia, and the Mideast. This scrap is delivered to electric furnace steel mills, where it is transformed into reinforcing bars for concrete structures. Increasing quantities of domestic scrap are also being delivered to Okaya's network of some 40 electric furnace steel mills.
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